Is SF losing its soul?

23 Feb 2014

Is SF losing its soul?

After reading this guardian article.

While I do agree with the core tenant that SF is losing or at least redefining what makes it SF. I find it interesting that the blame is on the young "kids" with a lot of money who happen to work in the Valley.

Shouldn't it be on the landlords that are basically pushing out the poor, in favor of extorting the kids with money?

Just because you can get more for an apartment doesn't mean you have to get more. If I could afford a $100k car (HA!) it doesn't mean I want to buy said $100k car.

I can't help but think this will be a short term problem because, when you do things like price common folk out of the market and like higher taxes, rent, cost of living, etc. You may end up creating the opposite effect when people get sick of enabling the system or living somewhere, as the article makes the argument, with no soul.

SF will always have my heart but I wonder how much longer it'll be the SF I fell in love with... :)

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